Norwich Makers Market – Easter 2014

Yesterday it was one of our crafting highlights, the Norwich Makers Market! The Spring fair always falls close to Easter, so many of the stalls cracked out bunting, bunnies and lots of chocolate treats to keep the kids entertained. It was great to see some new exhibitors with us this Spring, and I was lucky enough to be sitting right next to Yogi who sell the most amazing handmade soaps. The heady scents of lavender and lemon were wafting through the hall all day!

I set up stall nice and early, but as usual people couldn’t help popping in early to have a peep at what we’re up to. Luckily, it was such a glorious sunny day, and everyone seemed in good spirits.


First thing’s first was our Porcelain Animal Range, our very latest collection. This was the first time these little critters had been available to the public, usually they’re just on the website! There was lots of interest, with someone suggesting that I should make an aardvark! Now there’s an idea…


Also new were these Ladybird Brooches- I made these a while back for a press launch, and they went into the goody bags. Had a few left over so thought some of the public might like these little guys. I particularly love how vibrant they looked on my new teal tablecloth.


The whole PinPinFinds stall in all it’s glory. Usually I would use crates and boxes to add height to the stall, but I was without a car this time, a bit of a pain. But I’m pretty impressed that I managed to haul all of this there myself!


Our Gigantic Moth and Butterfly necklaces caught a lot of people’s attention. The Yellow Shell moth being a firm favourite because of all the intricate patterns on it’s wings. Each one is custom made to order, so not found on the website (yet). If you’d like one they’re £36, just send an email to:

All in all, the market was lovely. The vibe is always fantastic and the venue as stunning as always. We’re hoping to get into Cluttercity again soon so do keep your eyes peeled!


Under the Magnolias

It’s that time of the year again- spring is well and truly on the way and we adore all of the wonderful flowers that seem to be cropping up lately. My neighbour has the most gorgeous magnolia tree in his garden, and Hyacinths and Crocuses have been popping up everywhere!


Of course, that means updating our wardrobes-this season there has been a massive uprising of pastel shades- especially mint green. If pastels drown you out, why not try something really wild like coral or hot pink- both these colours have been spotted on the Burberry Prorsum & Fendi Spring catwalks.


As for accessories, we think our Porcelain Animal range truly captures to pastel shades and wonderful calmness of spring! The full range will be up on the website soon, once our lovely photographer has all the images snapped! 🙂




Norwich Fashion Week also starts on March 6th, so I’m super excited to be making some HUGE Butterfly and Moth necklaces especially to wear at the shows. The Designer Show and Retailer Show are set to be extra special this year as Mercedez-Benz will be their sponsor. I can’t wait to see some fresh new talent hitting the catwalk this year. If you spot me, come say hi ! We’d love to see what you’re wearing on the FROW!


Do keep checking back, as soon we’ll be opening our concession stand at Boutique Fusions- a new 5 story department store stocking only independent designers. Its a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned, and there will be some truly inspirational brands taking that first leap into running their own business full time. Sounds daunting, but is actually very exciting indeed!

Valentines Eve 2014

The Norwich Lanes have certainly rekindled the old Jack Valentine’s tradition! Jack Valentine’s came about in the Victorian era; a mischievous man who would knock on people’s doors and play pranks. If you were lucky in love he may leave a nice present for you too! Back then, Valentines wasn’t just for sweethearts- family members and friends would all show their love and appreciation for each other with gifts, food and cards.

I had an absolutely gorgeous night last night, enjoying some rather yummy cocktails in the Birdcage. This little number is called a Lovers Tif- made with vanilla vodka, Kahlua, milk and grenadine. Think of an alcoholic milkshake and you’re away!


I also decided to treat myself to some love heart sweeties and a valentines cupcake!


I also had a little look around the city. Root had a brilliant “Jack is Back” window display with confetti hearts. Roots do lovely local food in a warm, cosy atmosphere.


Around the corner is one of my favourite places in Norwich- Biddy’s Tea Room! With glorious 1940s wartime decor, cream cakes and plenty of delicious blends of tea, this pretty tea room is my idea of heaven. In the window were two incredible wedding cakes, and lots of old-time Valentines memorabilia.

valentines6 valentines4

And what would the day be without the man himself? Jack Valentine turned up at The Birdcage on my way back- ready to surprise all the adults and children with chocolate hearts! Doesn’t he look dapper?!


Cluttercity Autumn 2013

I am always super excited when I’m  invited to a craft fair, so when Cluttercity said PinPinFinds could have a stall… well! I were over the moon!


I totally fell in love with the flyer too! The very talented Kate Seaward from I Like Pens did the illustrations for it, she used to run Cherry Cherry back in the days when I was making plush toys instead of jewellery!

My day started off with me packing everything into the boot of the car, once there I scurried about for what seemed like a decade! Was so glad to have my stall all up and looking nice. Of course, I’d forgotten to eat breakfast in my blind panic so nipped over to see friends Deerly Beloved Bakery for some yummy vegan sweet treats. (And yes, everything DOES taste as good as it looks!)




With whoopie pies, vegan pizza, cupcakes and all sorts of cake I was absolutely spoilt for choice! I finally managed to settle on a rather huge wedge of chocolate mint cake (with real sugared mint leaf decorations). A good way to get my sugar hit in for the morning!

I also saw Lady Lucks Boutique which I was really excited about. The hair flowers all looked incredible, and LLB has such a huge selection to choose from! If you’re not in Norwich you can always check out her rock n ready website: here


After all the dashing about it was nice to meet some PinPinFinds customers too! I’d never done a stall at Cluttercity before so I saw plenty of new faces. I was really lucky that my stall was in the bright foyer with the sunlight streaming in!





Lord Mayors Celebrations & Norwich Lanes Fayre 2013


It’s that time of the year again! Yep, the Lord Mayors Celebrations and the wonderful Norwich Lanes Fayre- truly two of the top events on the Norwich Yearly Calendar. This year started off in full swing with the Lord Mayors Procession, which winds its way from Newmarket Street, all way way down St Stephens, past Chapelfield and the Norwich Castle. Plenty of people had lined the streets for the parade, and we managed to find ourselves a spot at the starting line, just at the end of Grove Road.

This year was an array of colour and dance, with plenty of Dance and Cheerleader groups, along with some of the very best Norwich insitutions, such as Future Radio, Norwich Heart and plenty of worthy charities too.





Whoever made this giant King Neptune should be applauded! For a moment it completely blocked out the sun! The sailing ship along with it was fantastic too, cooling down onlookers by spraying them with water guns!



This was, by far, my favourite float though. A fantastic pirate scene, with giant Kraken eating some of the crew! The float had a trail of bubbles following it, and even jetted out smoke to make the whole ordeal seem pretty creepy!

The Sunday following was the Norwich Lanes Fayre, which is always such an incredible event to get involved in. All of the independent shops down the Norwich Lanes open their doors for an afternoon of indie shopping, crafts, music, ice cream and pop up stands. The road was lined with bunting and the weather was simply glorious. I had a wander around eating lemon sorbet, trying to cool off!



Wonderful Hair accessories by local millianer Titania, she really does create the most whimsical fascinators and hats!


Found this gorgeous embroidered chair in a lovely vintage stall, would love this in my house!


CAM01063And look who we bumped into! The wonderful Angelina Lou, whose beautiful stall is always bound to impress! She sells the most gorgeous shabby chic gifts and beautiful handmade jewellery with a vintage twist. Today her stall is looking even more incredible than it did at Making Lemonade Fair when we last saw her. Couldn’t resist this opportunity to snap a picture of us together!

CAM01064Ah, what a wonderful day of blue skies and utter bliss! I was a little sad I didn’t have the chance to exhibit too, maybe next year I’ll give it a try!


Making Lemonade


Yesterday PinPinFinds set up a stall at The Making Lemonade Fair which was hosted at Princes Street United Reformed Church in Norwich. It was great to do a spring fair as I’d been so busy with other projects! I spend a few evenings at my desk making products ready for the stall, which was super exciting.


As well as free lemonade for vendors, I found this was a great opportunity to network with crafters from all over Norfolk and Suffolk- and to make new friends of course! With most craft fairs, I find that you can make new friends very quickly, there’s usually always a great vibe between vendors which makes the whole fair really welcoming.


(The PinPinFinds Stall!)

There were some great treats on offer including Harry Potter inspired cakes and chocolates- golden snitch candy pops, Berty Botts Every Flavour beans cupcakes, Honeyduke biscuits and Butterbeer cake too!


I sampled a few of the delights from Fudgey Fudge who made their own fudge wagon stall! Dark chilli chocolate was delicious, but I decided to opt for a boyfriend- friendly cookies and cream flavour instead.


We met up with our friends Bob & John Knitwear who make the most gorgeous knitted letters and cushions, which are perfect for adding a personal touch to any home. Then we spied a butterfly! Jonie was wearing our Purple Emperor Butterfly necklace, and totally rocking it!


Next door to Bob & John was Peanut Button (awesome name!) with business owner Pippa, we decided we loved each others products so much we would do a swapsies!



I swapped one of my Butterfly brooches for her super cute pencil necklaces, in it’s own adorable gift box, it even writes too!

But the stall that really caught my eye was Angelina Lou Designs, just check out that amazing shabby chic display! Definitely put the PinPinFinds stall to shame! I love how Angelina has piled fruit crates high to give a real sense of depth and height to her stall.