Valentines Eve 2014

The Norwich Lanes have certainly rekindled the old Jack Valentine’s tradition! Jack Valentine’s came about in the Victorian era; a mischievous man who would knock on people’s doors and play pranks. If you were lucky in love he may leave a nice present for you too! Back then, Valentines wasn’t just for sweethearts- family members and friends would all show their love and appreciation for each other with gifts, food and cards.

I had an absolutely gorgeous night last night, enjoying some rather yummy cocktails in the Birdcage. This little number is called a Lovers Tif- made with vanilla vodka, Kahlua, milk and grenadine. Think of an alcoholic milkshake and you’re away!


I also decided to treat myself to some love heart sweeties and a valentines cupcake!


I also had a little look around the city. Root had a brilliant “Jack is Back” window display with confetti hearts. Roots do lovely local food in a warm, cosy atmosphere.


Around the corner is one of my favourite places in Norwich- Biddy’s Tea Room! With glorious 1940s wartime decor, cream cakes and plenty of delicious blends of tea, this pretty tea room is my idea of heaven. In the window were two incredible wedding cakes, and lots of old-time Valentines memorabilia.

valentines6 valentines4

And what would the day be without the man himself? Jack Valentine turned up at The Birdcage on my way back- ready to surprise all the adults and children with chocolate hearts! Doesn’t he look dapper?!



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