Cluttercity Autumn 2013

I am always super excited when I’m  invited to a craft fair, so when Cluttercity said PinPinFinds could have a stall… well! I were over the moon!


I totally fell in love with the flyer too! The very talented Kate Seaward from I Like Pens did the illustrations for it, she used to run Cherry Cherry back in the days when I was making plush toys instead of jewellery!

My day started off with me packing everything into the boot of the car, once there I scurried about for what seemed like a decade! Was so glad to have my stall all up and looking nice. Of course, I’d forgotten to eat breakfast in my blind panic so nipped over to see friends Deerly Beloved Bakery for some yummy vegan sweet treats. (And yes, everything DOES taste as good as it looks!)




With whoopie pies, vegan pizza, cupcakes and all sorts of cake I was absolutely spoilt for choice! I finally managed to settle on a rather huge wedge of chocolate mint cake (with real sugared mint leaf decorations). A good way to get my sugar hit in for the morning!

I also saw Lady Lucks Boutique which I was really excited about. The hair flowers all looked incredible, and LLB has such a huge selection to choose from! If you’re not in Norwich you can always check out her rock n ready website: here


After all the dashing about it was nice to meet some PinPinFinds customers too! I’d never done a stall at Cluttercity before so I saw plenty of new faces. I was really lucky that my stall was in the bright foyer with the sunlight streaming in!






Making Lemonade


Yesterday PinPinFinds set up a stall at The Making Lemonade Fair which was hosted at Princes Street United Reformed Church in Norwich. It was great to do a spring fair as I’d been so busy with other projects! I spend a few evenings at my desk making products ready for the stall, which was super exciting.


As well as free lemonade for vendors, I found this was a great opportunity to network with crafters from all over Norfolk and Suffolk- and to make new friends of course! With most craft fairs, I find that you can make new friends very quickly, there’s usually always a great vibe between vendors which makes the whole fair really welcoming.


(The PinPinFinds Stall!)

There were some great treats on offer including Harry Potter inspired cakes and chocolates- golden snitch candy pops, Berty Botts Every Flavour beans cupcakes, Honeyduke biscuits and Butterbeer cake too!


I sampled a few of the delights from Fudgey Fudge who made their own fudge wagon stall! Dark chilli chocolate was delicious, but I decided to opt for a boyfriend- friendly cookies and cream flavour instead.


We met up with our friends Bob & John Knitwear who make the most gorgeous knitted letters and cushions, which are perfect for adding a personal touch to any home. Then we spied a butterfly! Jonie was wearing our Purple Emperor Butterfly necklace, and totally rocking it!


Next door to Bob & John was Peanut Button (awesome name!) with business owner Pippa, we decided we loved each others products so much we would do a swapsies!



I swapped one of my Butterfly brooches for her super cute pencil necklaces, in it’s own adorable gift box, it even writes too!

But the stall that really caught my eye was Angelina Lou Designs, just check out that amazing shabby chic display! Definitely put the PinPinFinds stall to shame! I love how Angelina has piled fruit crates high to give a real sense of depth and height to her stall.


Totally Tropical

I absolutely adorable loud, brash, blingy jewellery that will catch your eye and your imagination too. Lately I’ve been searching for some totally tropical finds because, let’s face it, the UK is more like a tropical rain forest at the moment instead of the glorious sunny island it used to be, so I’ve been sitting in my studio making some tropical jewellery to brighten your day. Think parrots, flowers and butterflies!


Be mucking about with printed acrylic charms too and came up with a range of laser cut butterflies, aren’t they sweet?

It’s almost Norwich Makers Market again, and it’s going to be a great opportunity to showcase this tropical range, and to see all of the wonderful local indie retailers who sell everything from cupcakes to homeware! You should definately come along if you can make it, so watch out for all the updates here:

Spring Equinox

So after fooling around for the last couple of weeks, it would only be polite to let you know whats going on!

Well, you’ll be happy to know we took part in Norwich Fashion Week’s Designer Show. Showcasing some of the coolest, most competitive talent from all over Norfolk- Poppy Valentine and Cocoon Fashion were just some of the names who showcase their work on the big stage. 

Really was an amazing show, definitely one to look out for next year!

We took part in the after-show market, showcasing handmade designers from all across Norfolk and London.

fashion lowres-1584

fashion lowres-1588

fashion lowres-1611

Really enjoyed having an evening of excellent fashion and lots of making, and was a great way to test my market. We sold out and even left early, so it was a real success!