Peer Art Exhibition



Lately, we’ve been working alongside Peer Art Group, a bunch of artists in Norwich who all have “proper” jobs. The group is a great catalyst for any artist though. Having left university in June 2011, I hadn’t really made much artwork; as such, I was glad to find a group of like-minded people who I could bounce ideas off!




Our first exhibition was at STEW Gallery, which also has its own artist studios and printing rooms. The criteria was simple; we could submit as many pieces of work we wanted, and it could be any medium. I submitted an old piece of work based on Ovid’s Metamorphosis alongside the range of jewelry I’ve been making as PinPinFinds. It was nice to see my jewelry considered “art”, and I don’t think that’s such a strange concept – fashion can certainly be considered art.


After a long day curating, it was good to see everyone chilling out and enjoying the work. Someone had even brought a guitar, so I did what any sensible person would do – played a guitar with my hands and a tambourine with my feet!



New Year, New Look!

Well, sometimes I get bored with how my online shop looks, so after months of hard graph I decided to do a complete overhaul! Say hello to our super pretty new site:


Our site now has a product slider across the top which fades  to new images, we can showcase as many images as we like, but limiting yourself to about 4 or 5 images is always a good idea. Our products now appear in rows of 4 instead of 3, which looked a little crowded and meant people had to scroll down further to see our full range of stock. We hope this will make everything feel a lot more open on our site, instead of feeling a bit cluttered!

You can see that the interface is a lot clearer to use, the larger product image and share options are new and create a more integrated feel to the site, at just a click of a button you can “like” our products and share them with your friends (perfect for subtle gift hints!)


Underneath the products it gives a list of our best sellers too! How nifty!

We’re sure you’ll love all the new features of our site, it was designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The white backdrop really helps our products to stand out too.