Up to 50% off Spring Sale!

Yep, we’ve gone a bit crazy with all that dusting and hoovering, and now we’re selling some awesome products off for up to 50% off, what better time to update your jewellery box?


Products in the sale include our Mega Monkey Necklace from our Spring 2013 collection, along with his little green counterpart. We’re also reducing some of our eye-catching moth and butterfly necklaces which have been featured in the EDP, Norwich Fashion Paper and plenty of online blogs.

We hope you’ll find something you’ll really love, sale ends when it’s all gone (which we’re guessing won’t be long!)


Lula Magazine S/S 2013


You may not have known this, but we’re absolutely obsessed with Lula Magazine- every issue is chock full of pages upon pages of the most whimsical fashion and art, and their S/S 2013 issue is no exception! What caught our eye was Codie Yungs mane of wavy poker red hair, what a starlet! In this issue Codie Young and Damien Heath team up to create this wonderfully dreamy, springtime photo-shoot with a focus on yummy dresses, floral print,  lace and cobalt blue. A combination to die for!


Ah, to be by the sea, doesn’t Codie look like an absolute siren here?



Love the daisy motifs on this sheer dress, reminds me of the 1960s when things were so much simpler and life was obviously far more blissful!

There’s always an air of playfulness in Lula Magazine, they also keep a wonderful scrapbook on their website, documenting their fashion-filled adventures. In glorious pastel pink and grey cameos, we see maidens play and blow kisses. Their videos and documentary style is really reflected throughout their entire website and publications, they certainly give me a feeling that I can just kick back and stop worrying about the world. Do check out their wonderful website: http://lulamag.com/

Spring Equinox

So after fooling around for the last couple of weeks, it would only be polite to let you know whats going on!

Well, you’ll be happy to know we took part in Norwich Fashion Week’s Designer Show. Showcasing some of the coolest, most competitive talent from all over Norfolk- Poppy Valentine and Cocoon Fashion were just some of the names who showcase their work on the big stage. 

Really was an amazing show, definitely one to look out for next year!

We took part in the after-show market, showcasing handmade designers from all across Norfolk and London.

fashion lowres-1584

fashion lowres-1588

fashion lowres-1611

Really enjoyed having an evening of excellent fashion and lots of making, and was a great way to test my market. We sold out and even left early, so it was a real success!